The cricketing world is ablaze with excitement as the ICC World Cup draws near, and this enthusiasm isn’t just confined to the stadiums. The stock market is catching the fever too! Market expert Siddharth Sedani, in his series ‘SID Ki SIP’, has identified this phenomenon and spotlighted four quality stocks that are set to benefit from the cricketing bonanza.

1. The Crick-Fest Theme:

Sedani has chosen the theme ‘Crick-Fest’ for this week, aligning with the commencement of the ICC World Cup on October 5th. Cricket-mad India is hosting the World Cup for the fourth time, making it a significant event in the cricket calendar. This World Cup is not just a sporting event but a grand festival where India’s consumption can see a significant boost. There’s an expectation of a consumption boost of 13,500 crores. Furthermore, the World Cup could witness an inflow of around 2,200 crores from TV and digital advertisements alone. The festive season, combined with the World Cup, is expected to spur demand in the economy. Cities hosting matches have seen hotel rates surge by an average of 150%, while airfares in these cities have increased by about 80%. Additionally, restaurants are also expected to see a substantial uptick in business.

2. SID Ki SIP: Crick-Fest Picks:

  • Lemon Tree:
    • Target: ₹150
    • Allocation: 25%
    The hotel industry stands to gain, and Lemon Tree, with its widespread presence, is well-poised to capitalize.
  • United Spirits:
    • Target: ₹1093
    • Allocation: 25%
    Festivities and sports often lead to increased sales in beverages, and United Spirits is set to capture this surge.
  • Jubilant FoodWorks:
    • Target: ₹620
    • Allocation: 25%
    With the cricketing events leading to increased home-viewing, food delivery and take-out services might see a spike. Jubilant FoodWorks, with its strong brand presence, is in a good position.
  • Zomato:
    • Target: ₹118
    • Allocation: 25%
    As a leading food delivery platform, Zomato is expected to benefit from the increased demand during match days.

While the country will be engrossed in the cricket matches, astute investors can look at the broader picture. By focusing on sectors and companies that stand to benefit from the World Cup extravaganza, investors could hit their financial ‘sixes’. As always, before making any investment decisions, it’s crucial to conduct thorough research and consult with financial advisors.

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