In the picturesque state of Himachal Pradesh, a story of unwavering determination and grit took shape. Mohita Sharma’s journey to become an IPS officer is a testament to the old adage – where there’s a will, there’s a way. Hailing from a humble background, her journey was laden with challenges, but she rose above them, displaying admirable resilience and commitment.

Humble Beginnings:

Born in Himachal Pradesh, Mohita’s childhood was shaped by modest means. The economic constraints of her family, primarily reliant on her father’s income from the Maruti factory, could have been a deterrent in her ambitious journey. However, for Mohita, adversity only fueled her ambition.

Unwavering Support:

Despite the limited means, Mohita’s parents were pillars of support. Her father, a diligent worker at the Maruti factory, prioritized her education, ensuring she received the best he could afford. Mohita’s mother, a homemaker, played an equally pivotal role in her upbringing, nurturing her dreams and aspirations.

The UPSC Odyssey:

Clearing the UPSC exam is a formidable task. Mohita’s journey was strewn with obstacles, with her facing setbacks not once or twice, but four times. Yet, she never wavered. With each attempt, she emerged stronger, more determined, and more focused.

Educational Background:

The foundation for Mohita’s dream was laid at Delhi Public School, Dwarka. Following her school education, she pursued engineering at Bharatiya Vidyapeeth College. But her true calling was civil service. In 2012, after completing her B.Tech, she immersed herself wholeheartedly into UPSC preparations.

Trials, Errors, and Success:

Lack of guidance was a significant challenge for Mohita. Without a mentor to navigate her through the intricacies of the UPSC exam, the road was even more challenging. However, Mohita’s tenacity was unmatched. She took every setback in stride, learning from each failure. Her relentless efforts finally bore fruit on her fifth attempt, proving that perseverance and learning from one’s mistakes is the cornerstone of success.

IPS Mohita Sharma
IPS Mohita Sharma

Mohita’s journey serves as an inspiration. From a background where luxuries were scarce, she charted her path, breaking barriers, and setting a precedent for countless others to follow. She exemplifies that with dedication, hard work, and the right spirit, no dream is too big.

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