Electric Tractor
Electric Tractor

The recently launched “CSIAR Prima ET11” electric tractor is gaining popularity among farmers due to its affordability and environmental benefits. With rising petrol and diesel prices, many people are turning to electric vehicles to control their expenses. The electric tractor offers several advantages, including low maintenance costs and pollution-free farming.

Designed keeping in mind the needs of farmers, it can be charged in 8 to 9 hours using a domestic charging socket and can run for 4 to 5 hours in fields. With a hydraulic lifting capacity of 1.8 tons, the tractor’s battery can last for more than 3000 attempts on a single charge. The electric tractor is available at an attractive price of just 10,000 rupees and is also eligible for government subsidies.

Electric Tractor
Electric Tractor


– The article discusses a new electric tractor called “CSIAR Prima ET11” that has been launched in India.
– The tractor offers several advantages for farmers, including lower costs and pollution-free farming.
– The design of the tractor is based on the needs of farmers, making it easy to use.
– The tractor can be charged using a household socket in 8-9 hours and can be easily operated in the fields for 4-5 hours.
– The tractor has a hydraulic lifting capacity of 1.8 tons and its battery can last for more than 3000 uses after a single charge.
– The article highlights that the tractor is available at a very low price and is eligible for a government subsidy.

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