Kawasaki Ninja ZX-4R: Kawasaki is all set to launch its premium bike, the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-4R, today, September 11th. If you are searching for a premium bike with a powerful engine, then you will have to wait until today. Through this article, we will tell you about the expected price and features of the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-4R. It is equipped with a liquid-cooled 399cc inline-four-cylinder engine that produces 80 horsepower and 39 Nm of peak torque. This bike is so powerful that you can ride it on city roads or highways. The bike comes with advanced features such as a TFT instrument cluster, Bluetooth connectivity, turn-by-turn navigation, notification alert, LED lighting, and an optional bi-directional quick shifter. The price of the bike will be revealed by the company today.

A Closer Look at the Engine and Power

Central to the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-4R’s allure is its powerhouse. The bike is driven by a 399cc, 80hp, 39Nm inline-four engine that promises not just speed but also stability and durability. With an engine capacity of 399 cc and a 6-speed manual transmission, it promises to deliver an exhilarating experience on the road.

The kerb weight stands at 189 kg, suggesting a well-balanced body, and with a fuel tank capacity of 15 litres, riders can enjoy long, uninterrupted rides.

The Ninja ZX-4R Standard Variant

Priced at ₹ 8,49,000, the Ninja ZX-4R Standard is the epitome of style and substance. It flaunts disc brakes, ensuring maximum safety during high-speed adventures, and alloy wheels that not only enhance its appearance but also offer durability.

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-4R Financial Aspects and On-Road Pricing

For those eager to own this beauty, the EMI starts at a competitive Rs. 29,125/month. In terms of the total cost, the 2023 on-road price of Kawasaki Ninja ZX-4R in Delhi is quoted at Rs. 9,58,670. This consolidated price is inclusive of the ex-showroom price, RTO, and insurance charges.

Advanced Features for the Modern Rider

The Kawasaki Ninja ZX-4R isn’t just about raw power. It’s also about riding with style and sophistication. A TFT dash ensures all essential information is easily accessible to the rider, multiple riding modes adapt to every rider’s style, and a quickshifter promises seamless transmission changes, enhancing the overall biking experience.

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-4R Chassis, Suspension, and More

With its trellis frame, the Ninja ZX-4R guarantees optimum weight distribution and balance. The inclusion of a USD fork and monoshock not only promises a smooth ride but also makes sure that the bike can handle all terrains with grace. Furthermore, with a seat height of 800 mm and a max power of 76.4 bhp, the bike is both comfortable for riders and powerful on the road.

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-4R
Kawasaki Ninja ZX-4R

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-4R Price Across Metro Cities

For those residing in India’s metropolitan hubs, here’s what the Ninja ZX-4R will cost you:

  • Mumbai: ₹ 9,92,630
  • Bangalore: ₹ 10,61,760
  • Delhi: ₹ 9,58,670

The Kawasaki Ninja ZX-4R is more than just a motorcycle; it’s an experience. With its robust features, powerful engine, and contemporary design, it is set to carve a niche for itself in the market. Whether you’re a seasoned biker or someone looking to delve into the world of high-powered bikes, the Ninja ZX-4R promises a ride worth remembering.


– Kawasaki is set to launch the premium bike Kawasaki Ninja ZX-4R on September 11.
– The bike is equipped with a powerful liquid-cooled 399cc inline-four-cylinder engine that produces 80 hp and 39 Nm of torque.
– It comes with a 6-speed gearbox and offers sport, road, rain, and customizable rider modes.
– The bike is packed with advanced features such as a 4.3-inch TFT instrument cluster, Bluetooth connectivity, turn-by-turn navigation, notification alerts, LED lighting, and an optional bi-directional quick-shifter.
– The expected price for the standard trim of the bike is Rs 7.5 lakh (ex-showroom) in the Indian market, but the official price announcement is yet to be made.

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