The Royal Enfield Bullet 350 has been launched in India as the new generation model of the iconic motorcycle. This new Bullet 350 features an inspired design from the iconic Bullet. The new Bullet 350 comes with conventional telescopic front forks and gas charge twin-sided rear shock absorber suspension system for a more comfortable and enjoyable riding experience. The company has also provided excellent braking and better safety with disc brakes on both the front and rear, along with a single-channel ABS system. Additionally, customers can choose the option of dual-channel ABS

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1. Design: Echoes of the Past, Sounds of the Present

The new Bullet 350 remains faithful to its roots. It showcases an iconic design that draws inspiration from the original Bullet. This is not just a bike; it’s a legacy on wheels, appealing to both the nostalgic older generation and the dynamic youth.

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2. Ride Quality: Comfort Redefined

The Bullet 350 is engineered keeping rider comfort paramount. The bike features conventional telescopic front forks which have been a signature for the Bullet. Further enhancing the riding experience, it comes equipped with gas-charged twin-sided rear shock absorbers. Be it city commutes or long countryside rides; the Bullet 350 promises a plush ride.

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3. Safety: Stopping Power Like Never Before

Understanding the modern safety needs, Royal Enfield has fitted the Bullet 350 with disc brakes on both the front and rear wheels. Riders get an option to choose from either single-channel or dual-channel ABS, ensuring that safety is not compromised at any speed.

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4. Performance: Power Meets Efficiency

Underneath the classic silhouette, the bike is powered by a robust 349 cc single-cylinder air and oil-cooled SOHC engine. This powertrain promises a hefty 20.2 bhp of peak power and an impressive 27 Nm of peak torque, ensuring the Bullet 350 has the grunt to match its grace.

5. Variants: Choices Galore

Royal Enfield offers the Bullet 350 in three enticing variants:

  • Military priced at ₹1,73,562.
  • Standard placed in the mid-price range.
  • Black Gold, the premium variant, is tagged at ₹2,15,801.

6. Accessibility: The Dream is Within Reach

Recognizing the aspirations of countless enthusiasts, Royal Enfield provides attractive EMI plans. This strategic move ensures that owning a piece of motorcycling history is no longer just a dream but an achievable reality for many.

Concluding Thoughts

The Bullet 350, with its blend of the past and the present, is Royal Enfield’s ode to its rich history while acknowledging the modern rider’s demands. Its competitive pricing and easy accessibility via EMI plans are a testament to Royal Enfield’s commitment to retaining its strong market penetration. For those yearning for a bike that resonates with character and performance, the Bullet 350 is a call to the open roads.

Royal Enfield Bullet 350
Royal Enfield Bullet 350


– Royal Enfield has launched the new generation Bullet 350 in India.
– The new Bullet 350 features an iconic design inspired by the original Bullet.
– It comes with conventional telescopic front forks and gas-charged twin-sided rear shock absorbers for a comfortable riding experience.
– The bike is equipped with disc brakes on both the front and rear wheels, with the option to choose either single-channel or dual-channel ABS.
– It is powered by a powerful 349 cc single-cylinder air and oil-cooled SOHC engine, producing 20.2 bhp of peak power and 27 Nm of peak torque.
– The bike is available in three variants: Military, Standard, and Black Gold.
– Prices start at ₹1,73,562 for the Military variant and go up to ₹2,15,801 for the Black Gold variant.
– Royal Enfield also offers affordable EMI plans to make the bike accessible to enthusiasts.