Honda, a renowned name in the world of motorcycles, has once again taken the stage by storm with its latest offering, the Honda Livo. In this article, we’ll explore the key features and specifications of this impressive motorbike that has enthusiasts revving their engines in excitement.

1. Honda Livo Price and Engine Capacity

The Honda Livo is attractively priced at just ₹78,813, making it an enticing option for those in search of a stylish and affordable ride. For those who prefer to spread the cost, the EMI option starts at a mere ₹2,704 per month. Underneath its sleek exterior, the Livo packs a punch with its 109.51 cc engine. This engine capacity strikes an ideal balance between power and fuel efficiency, making it perfect for both city commutes and leisurely rides.

2. Honda Livo Variant Choices

Honda offers two variants of the Livo to cater to the diverse preferences of riders. The first variant, Livo Drum, is priced at ₹78,813 and comes equipped with drum brakes and alloy wheels. On the other hand, the Livo Disc variant, priced at ₹82,813, offers the added safety of disc brakes along with alloy wheels. This choice allows riders to select the variant that best suits their riding style and requirements.

3. Honda Livo Weight, Fuel Capacity, and Seat Height

The Livo is a featherweight in the world of motorcycles with a kerb weight of just 113 kg. This lightweight design ensures nimble handling and easy maneuverability through traffic. Additionally, the Livo boasts a practical fuel tank capacity of 9 liters, meaning fewer stops at the gas station and more time on the open road. The comfortable seat height of 790 mm caters to a wide range of riders, ensuring a confident and relaxed riding posture.

4. Pros of the Honda Livo

a. Variety of Choices: The Honda Livo is available in 2 variants and comes in 3 attractive colors, allowing riders to pick the style that resonates with them.

b. Smooth 110cc Engine: The heart of the Livo is its 110cc engine, known for its smooth performance and reliability. It ensures a consistent and enjoyable ride every time.

c. Impressive Fuel Efficiency: The Livo boasts an excellent fuel efficiency of 60 kmpl, making it an economical choice for daily commuting and long-distance rides.

d. 5-Step Adjustable Suspension: The Livo’s rear suspension is 5-step adjustable, enabling riders to fine-tune their riding comfort to match their preferences and road conditions.

Honda Livo
Honda Livo

5. Cons of the Honda Livo

a. Bland Instrument Cluster: Some riders may find the instrument cluster’s design somewhat uninspiring. While it provides essential information, it lacks the wow factor found in some competing models.

b. Price in the Segment: While the Livo offers great value for money, it is worth noting that it falls on the higher end of the price spectrum within its segment. However, this premium comes with the assurance of Honda’s quality and reliability.

Honda Livo is a compelling choice in the world of commuter bikes. With its affordable pricing, efficient engine, and variant choices, it caters to a wide audience of riders. While it may have minor drawbacks, its overall package is a testament to Honda’s commitment to delivering quality and style to motorcycle enthusiasts. If you’re looking for a dashing and reliable ride, the Honda Livo might just be your perfect match on the road.


– Honda has launched its new model, Honda Livo, which offers safety features and high-quality engine.
– The Indian market for two-wheelers is considered a big market worldwide.
– The bike has an attractive look and is popular among young people.
– The features of the bike have been upgraded, with attention given to design.
– The bike is available in three color variants: athletic blue metallic, matte crest metallic, and black.
– The bike offers features such as alloy wheels, telescopic front forks, dual spring suspension, disc brakes, tubeless tires, integrated engine start/stop switch, DC headlamp, and combined braking system.
– The price of the drum brake variant is INR 78,500, and the disc brake variant is INR 82,500.

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