Royal Enfield is a brand that continuously adapts its motorcycles according to the demands of the market. One of their latest futuristic bikes is the Royal Enfield Hunter 350, which not only boasts a stylish look but also delivers high-performance.

The Royal Enfield Hunter 350 is equipped with a powerful 349.34 cc petrol engine. It features telescopic forks and dual shock absorber suspension, providing riders with a comfortable journey even on long routes and rough roads.

In terms of aesthetics, the bike offers a range of 8 colors to choose from. It competes against other bikes like the Honda CB350RS and the Jawa 42 2.1. The Hunter 350 delivers a high power output of 20.4 PS and comes with smart graphics on its fuel tank.

The bike is designed with 17-inch alloy wheels and a USB port for added convenience. It offers a high mileage of 36.2 kmpl and is equipped with an air-cooled engine and a 5-speed gearbox. The Hunter 350 also offers a dual-tone color option.

Safety is a top priority for Royal Enfield, which is why they have incorporated disc brakes into the Hunter 350. The bike is priced starting from 1.50 lakh rupees (ex-showroom). It comes with tubeless tires and is available in three different variants. The peak torque delivered by this powerful bike is 27 Nm.

Additional features of the Royal Enfield Hunter 350 include an odometer, two trip meters, a fuel gauge, and a maintenance indicator. The top model of the bike is priced at 1.75 lakh rupees (ex-showroom) and features a comfortable seat design. The digital instrument console is placed near the trip pod, and the bike also offers a semi-digital instrument console with rotary switch cubes. Drum brakes are also available as an option.

Royal Enfield Hunter 350
Royal Enfield Hunter 350

Overall, the Royal Enfield Hunter 350 is a remarkable bike that combines style, performance, and safety. With its powerful engine, advanced features, and attention to detail, this bike is set to leave a lasting impression on motorcycle enthusiasts.


– Royal Enfield has introduced the Hunter 350, a futuristic motorcycle with a stylish look and high performance.
– The bike features telescopic front forks and dual shock absorber suspension for comfortable long rides.
– It comes with a powerful 349.34 cc petrol engine and offers 8 color options.
– The fuel tank of the Hunter 350 has smart graphics, and it is equipped with a USB port and 17-inch alloy wheels.
– The bike delivers a high mileage of 36.2 kmpl and has a 5-speed gearbox.
– It has a disc brake system and comes in three different variants.
– The top model of the Hunter 350 is priced at 1.75 lakh rupees.
– It features an ergonomic seat design and a digital instrument console with trip meters.
– The bike also includes features like fuel gauge and maintenance indicator.

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