Google Launches AI Search Tool In English And Hindi For India And Japan


1. Google has introduced its AI search tool in both English and Hindi for users in India, allowing them to search for text or visual results, including summaries.
2. This feature was initially launched in the United States and is now expanded to include Japan and India.
3. Japanese users can use this feature in their local languages, while in India, it will be available in English and Hindi.
4. Google’s AI search tool is different from its chatbot feature, as it can generate human-like conversations and even create software code.
5. This AI search tool by Google competes with Microsoft’s Bing and provides users with a unique and enhanced search experience.

Google, the world’s leading technology company, has introduced an AI search tool in English and Hindi for India. The Alphabet-owned company has launched its generative artificial intelligence (AI) search tool in India and Japan, which will display text or visual results for queries, including summaries. According to Reuters, this feature was initially launched only in the United States. Users will have the option to select their preferred language.

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According to the report, Japanese users will be able to use this feature in their local languages, while in India, it will be available in English and Hindi. Google’s search tool is used to obtain information, such as finding out about a product to purchase. This tool is separate from Google’s chatbot, which has a personality that can engage in human-like conversations and even generate software code. Google’s AI search tool competes with Microsoft’s Bing.

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Google search is one of the world’s leading search engines that people use to search for various types of information, websites, images, videos, news, and other content worldwide. The AI search tool from Google will now provide a unique experience for Indian and Japanese users.

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And, Google’s introduction of an AI search tool in English and Hindi for India demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing innovative and convenient search experiences for users. With this new tool, Indian users will be able to access relevant information in their preferred language, enhancing their search experience.

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