WhatsApp Is Working On Bringing A Protect IP Address Feature For Calls To A Future Update Of The App


– WhatsApp is working on a new feature called “Protect IP address” to make voice and video calls more secure.
– The feature will keep the user’s IP address safe during calls, making it difficult for anyone to trace their location.
– Enabling this feature will ensure that calls are encrypted and routed through WhatsApp’s servers, enhancing privacy and security.
– However, keeping the feature on may result in a decrease in call quality due to the encryption and routing process.
– The update is currently available in the Android beta version and may be rolled out to all users in the future.

WhatsApp is working on a new feature called ‘Protect My IP Address’ to enhance the security of voice and video calls. This feature will keep your phone’s IP address safe during calls, preventing callers from tracing it. The IP address can reveal your location and potentially compromise your privacy and safety. To address this issue and improve user privacy, WhatsApp is planning to introduce this new feature in the app.

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The new feature will be displayed under the ‘Call Privacy Setting’. Once enabled, your calls will be secured by WhatsApp’s servers, making it difficult to trace them. However, keeping this feature on may slightly affect the call quality as it involves encryption and routing processes through WhatsApp’s servers. In today’s digital age, where anyone can potentially harm us, this update will be beneficial for all WhatsApp users. It will remove the IP address or location during calls, ensuring that calls remain secure.

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This update information was shared by the website Wabetainfo, which closely monitors WhatsApp’s development. Currently, this update has been noticed in the Android Beta version In the near future, the company may roll out this feature for all users.

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To enable this feature, users need to go to WhatsApp settings, navigate to the Call option in Privacy, and turn on the ‘Protect My IP Address’ option.

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And, WhatsApp’s new feature to protect IP addresses during calls aims to enhance user privacy and security. By removing the location information, it ensures that calls are secure and cannot be traced back to the user’s IP address.