Ethanol Car
Ethanol Car

Nitin Gadkari, the Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways, recently unveiled a car running on ethanol in New Delhi. Ethanol is a type of alcohol that is blended with petrol to be used as a fuel in vehicles. It is primarily produced from sugarcane crops. In November 2022, the Indian government introduced various varieties of ethanol and disclosed their prices. According to the government, ethanol produced from heavy molasses costs INR 49.41 per liter, while that produced from B-heavy molasses is priced at INR 60.73 per liter, and from cane syrup at INR 65.61 per liter.

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The use of ethanol in vehicles reduces the emission of carbon monoxide by approximately 35%. It also decreases the presence of sulfur dioxide in the air. Moreover, ethanol helps in reducing the emission of hydrocarbons. The production capacity of ethanol in India is 1.244 billion liters. As the demand for ethanol gradually increases, it will also generate employment opportunities. Furthermore, using ethanol as a fuel will result in cost savings on petrol and promote environmentally-friendly driving. Countries like the United States and Brazil have been utilizing ethanol for transportation purposes.

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It is important to note that producing one liter of ethanol requires 2,860 liters of water. Ethanol is considered a better alternative to petrol due to its positive impact on the environment and its ability to reduce costs. In India, ethanol is primarily produced from molasses obtained from sugarcane.

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– Union Minister Nitin Gadkari introduced an ethanol-powered car, stating that biofuel can save money on petroleum imports and benefit those who use petrol-powered motorcycles.
– Ethanol is a type of alcohol that is blended with petrol to be used as fuel in vehicles.
– The government has announced various varieties of ethanol and their prices, ranging from Rs 49.41 to Rs 65.61 per liter, depending on the source of production.
– Ethanol reduces carbon monoxide emissions, sulfur dioxide in the air, and the release of hydrocarbons.

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Ethanol Car
Ethanol Car

– India currently has a production capacity of 1244 crore liters of ethanol, and increased use of ethanol can create employment opportunities, reduce petrol expenses, and have environmental benefits.
– Ethanol is widely used in countries like the United States and Brazil.