Honda Shine Ev: Honda Motor Company, the two-wheeler manufacturer, is soon planning to convert its most popular commuter bike into an electric variant. Although the company has not made an official announcement yet, sources say that it will be none other than the Honda Shine.

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It is believed that the design of the electric bike will remain unchanged as customers highly appreciate the current design of the Honda Shine. However, it is expected that the electric bike will come equipped with several new features. Currently, there are no details available about the battery capacity or the range of the Honda Shine Ev. The price of the electric bike is expected to be slightly higher than the current model.

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Summery :

– Honda Motor Company is planning to convert its popular commuter bike, Honda Shine, into an electric bike.
– The design of the electric bike will remain similar to the current Honda Shine model, as customers prefer its design.
– The electric bike may come with several new features associated with electric transmission.
– The battery capacity of the Honda Shine EV is expected to be around 6 kWh, and it may take about 4.5 hours to charge from 0-80%.

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Honda Shine electric
Honda Shine electric

– The electric bike may have a range of approximately 140-150 kilometers on a full charge.
– The Honda Shine EV may come equipped with features like mobile connectivity, Bluetooth, navigation, reading mode, fast charging, side stand indicator, digital speedometer, digital tachometer, and digital trip meter.
– The price of the Honda Shine EV may increase slightly after the conversion to electric transmission, with an expected showroom price of around 1.02 lakh rupees.

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