SBI Bank News
SBI Bank News

SBI Bank News: Customers of the State Bank of India (SBI), the nation’s largest public-sector bank, are set to face a minor interruption in their internet banking services. This disruption is attributed to a scheduled activity undertaken by the bank.

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According to SBI’s official website, the internet banking application services will not be accessible from 00:40 to 02:10 on 14.10.2023 due to this scheduled task. However, in the interim, customers can still avail basic banking services through SBI’s WhatsApp banking feature.

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It remains unclear whether the YONO app, one of SBI’s flagship digital platforms, will also be impacted by this maintenance activity or if its services will remain unaffected.

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A Step Forward for Enhanced Security
Adding to their continuous efforts towards bolstering customer security, SBI has initiated a mandatory profile password change once every 365 days. For an added layer of security, customers who have installed the ‘SBI Secure OTP App’ on their mobile devices and have completed the registration process will now receive login One-Time Passwords (OTPs) for directly on the app, instead of receiving them via SMS. This move signifies SBI’s commitment to keeping its digital banking platforms not just user-friendly but also highly secure.