DMART Share: Retail powerhouse, Avenue Supermarts, widely recognized as DMART, recently unveiled its Q2 performance for the fiscal year 2023-24. The report presented an impressive trajectory, with the company registering notable growth.

DMART Share Highlights from the Q2 Report:

  1. Total Revenue: A substantial jump was witnessed in the revenue, showcasing an 18.5% increase, reaching a whopping INR 12,308 crores.
  2. EBITDA: The company recorded an EBITDA of INR 1,002 crores, which is an 11.9% hike.
  3. Net Profit: The net profit surged by 9.8%, resulting in a total of INR 659 crores.
  4. Share Price: DMART’s share price stands at INR 3,935.
  5. Expansion: DMART’s growth isn’t limited to financial numbers. In terms of infrastructure and reach, the company inaugurated 9 new stores in the Q2 period.

According to the data available on BSE’s official website, the Earnings Per Share (EPS) was reported at INR 10.12, which, in the same quarter of the previous year, was INR 11.28.

DMART Share Review of the First Half:

The company’s first quarter also bore witness to remarkable progress.

  1. Total Revenue: INR 23,892 crores, marking an 18.3% increase.
  2. EBITDA: The EBITDA for the first quarter stood at INR 2,038 crores, which saw a 7.1% increase.
  3. Net Profit: An amount of INR 1,354 crores was reported, marking a 4% rise.
  4. Earnings Per Share: The EPS was at INR 20.82, compared to INR 21.77 in the same period the previous year.
  5. Expansion: DMART further strengthened its footprint, opening 12 new stores during this period.

DMART Share Market Performance:

In the last trading week, DMART’s stock closed at INR 3,935, an increase of 1.9%. It reached its 52-week peak at INR 4,495 and hit a low at INR 3,292. Over the past three months, the stock performance has remained flat. It delivered a return of 2.66% over the past week, 3.20% over the month, but it has shown a negative return of 3.27% so far this year.

DMART share continues to showcase its resilience and adaptability in the market. While the company sees promising financial growth, the stock market performance demands a closer watch.