Every success story has its origins. For IPS officer Pooja Awana, it began with a dream – not just her own, but one dreamt by her father, Vijay Awana. Hailing from Uttar Pradesh, Pooja’s journey from a diligent student to an esteemed IPS officer stands as a beacon of determination and perseverance.

Rooted in Ambition:

Pooja’s story is intertwined with her father’s aspiration. Vijay Awana envisioned his daughter wearing the esteemed police uniform, serving the nation. Pooja, recognizing the weight of this dream, embarked on the challenging path of preparing for the UPSC examination. While the journey was strewn with obstacles, her tenacity never wavered.

A Scholar from the Start:

Pooja’s academic prowess was evident from her early school days. She consistently topped her class and showcased an unparalleled dedication towards her studies. Her academic journey didn’t halt after graduation; instead, it marked the beginning of her UPSC preparation.

The First Hurdle:

2010 was a significant year for Pooja. With hopes high, she appeared for the UPSC exam. However, life had its own plan, and she couldn’t clear it in her first attempt. For many, such setbacks can be disheartening, but not for Pooja.

Bouncing Back with Vigor:

Undeterred by her initial setback, Pooja doubled down on her preparations. Her renewed efforts bore fruit when she appeared for the examination the following year. Not only did she clear it, but she also secured an impressive all-India rank of 316. At the tender age of 22, Pooja was ready to don the prestigious IPS badge.

Stepping into Service:

Post her rigorous IPS training, Pooja received her first official posting in Pushkar, Rajasthan. As a 2012 batch officer, her dedication to duty was evident from the outset. But it wasn’t just her exemplary work that caught attention; Pooja’s distinctive style and appearance also made headlines.

IPS Pooja Awana
IPS Pooja Awana

Pooja Awana’s story resonates with countless aspirants. It’s a testament to what unwavering determination, coupled with a clear vision, can achieve. More than personal success, her journey reflects the realization of a father’s dream and the lengths a daughter can go to honor it.

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