Instagram Testing 10 Minute Long Reels To Compete With TikTok


1. Instagram is updating its reels feature to allow creators and influencers to post longer content, increasing the time limit from 3 minutes to 10 minutes.
2. This update will benefit creators and influencers, as they will be able to post longer and more informative content on the platform, allowing users to gain new information on Instagram.
3. Previously, TikTok had already introduced the option to post 10-minute reels, and now Instagram is following suit.
4. Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri has expressed the company’s focus on finding ways for creators to better connect with their fans, including testing the ability to share comments from public posts or reels to their stories.
5. The update is currently being internally tested by Meta, and it may be rolled out to all users in the future. Currently, users can only post 3-minute reels on the platform.

Instagram has recently announced an update to its platform, allowing users to post longer reels that can last up to 10 minutes. This update will provide creators and influencers with more freedom and flexibility to showcase their talents and share longer content with their audience.

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Previously, Instagram only allowed users to post reels with a maximum duration of 3 minutes. This limitation posed a challenge for creators who wanted to share longer videos, as they had to split their content into multiple parts. This not only created inconvenience for the creators but also made it difficult for viewers to consume the content seamlessly.

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With the new 10-minute reels update, creators can now easily explain educational topics or demonstrate cooking processes within a single video. This extended duration will enable them to provide more in-depth information and engage their audience more effectively.

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It is worth mentioning that this update from Instagram bears a resemblance to TikTok, which introduced the option to post 10-minute reels for creators last year. By extending the duration of reels, Instagram aims to provide similar opportunities for creators to connect and engage with their fans.

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Adam Mosseri, the CEO of Instagram, mentioned in a recent post that the company is continually exploring ways to improve the connection between creators and their audience. One of the features they are currently testing is the ability to share comments from public posts or reels into their stories. This means that users will be able to share comments from open accounts in their own stories, allowing for more interaction and engagement.

While the update is currently being tested internally, it is expected to roll out to all users in the near future. This update will undoubtedly benefit creators and influencers, as it will allow them to share longer and more informative content with their followers. Additionally, users will also benefit from this update, as they will have access to a wider range of content and information on Instagram.