The Maruti company is not new. This company introduced the WagonR approximately 21 years ago in 1999. Since then, the sales of this car have exceeded 30 lakh units. Although there have been several changes in the design of this car over the years, it still remains an excellent choice for buyers. However, if you are not interested in purchasing the WagonR, there is an alternative that you should consider.

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Enter the Tata Punch, a compact SUV that is garnering attention for all the right reasons. If you’re considering the WagonR but are open to exploring other options, here’s why the Punch might just be the game-changer you’re looking for.

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Revolutionizing the Entry-Level SUV Segment:

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The Tata Punch has not only shaken up the entry-level SUV segment but has also set new standards for it. Priced slightly above the WagonR at 6 lakh rupees compared to WagonR’s 5.55 lakh, the Punch provides a set of features and specifications that offer value for the extra bucks spent.

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Engine Capacity and Power:

While the WagonR is equipped with a 1000cc engine, the Punch boasts a more powerful 1200cc engine. This difference translates into better performance, making the Punch more agile and responsive on the road.

Size and Dimensions:

In terms of size, the Punch has an edge over the WagonR. It’s not just about the length and width; the Punch offers a better wheelbase, ensuring more stability on highways and rough terrains. The increased ground clearance gives it an advantage in handling Indian road conditions, and the superior boot space ensures you don’t have to compromise on luggage while traveling.

Safety First:

One of the standout features of the Tata Punch is its commitment to safety. The SUV has been awarded a 5-star global NCAP safety rating, which speaks volumes about its build quality and safety features. While the WagonR has its set of safety features, the Punch’s accolade sets it a notch above in the safety department.

Tata Punch
Tata Punch


– Maruti Company launched the WagonR SUV in 1999 and has sold over 30 lakh units so far.
– The WagonR has undergone several changes over the years.
– A small SUV called Punch is being recommended as a better alternative to the WagonR. It has received a 5-star global NCAP safety rating.
– The Punch has changed the entry-level SUV segment in India and is priced at 6 lakh rupees, while the WagonR is priced at 5.55 lakh rupees.
– The Punch offers safety features and a 1200cc engine, while the WagonR offers a 1000cc engine.
– The Punch is slightly larger than the WagonR in terms of length and width.
– The Punch also offers better wheelbase, ground clearance, and boot space compared to the WagonR.
– The Punch has received a 5-star global NCAP safety rating.