Rocketing Returns: Safari Industries Transforms Rs 1 Lakh into a Whopping Rs 16 Crore

Safari Industries Share: In the vast and volatile world of stocks, some stories stand out, and one such tale is that of Safari Industries. Here’s a deep dive into how an investment could have turned a modest amount into a fortune.

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Company Performance and Returns:

  1. A Millionaire Maker: Safari Industries, renowned for its bag manufacturing, hasn’t just created bags but has also crafted millionaires with its stock performance.
  2. Short-Term Gains: Remarkably, the firm’s share price has surged 75% in a mere span of six months.
  3. Annual Yield: Commencing from the start of this fiscal year, Safari has furnished its shareholders with a hefty profit of 150%.
  4. On the Horizon: Eyes are set on November 1st, with the company board set to convene and discuss crucial decisions regarding bonus shares, quarterly results, dividends, and potential fundraising.

Safari Industries Share Performance Over Time:

  1. Historical Surge: Flashback to May 29, 2020 – Safari’s shares were trading at around 317 rupees. Fast forward to today, and they’ve leapt to 4213 rupees, marking a 1230% rise.
  2. Investment Growth: To put this into perspective, an investment of Rs 100,000 back in May 2020 would be equivalent to a hefty Rs 1.2 million today.
  3. Peaks and Valleys: In the roller coaster of the stock market, Safari’s 52-week low touched 1,576 rupees and peaked at an impressive 4,535 rupees.
  4. A Decade’s Leap: Circling back to March 27, 2009, the stock was a mere 2.5 rupees. Comparing that to today’s 4213 rupees is a testament to its monumental growth, yielding a return of roughly 1,67,376%. To encapsulate this, an initial investment of Rs 100,000 would now be a breathtaking Rs 16.73 crore.

Safari Industries Share Previous Actions and Investments:

  1. Strategic Moves: Safari Industries is no stranger to strategic financial decisions, having previously executed a stock split.
  2. Face Value Dynamics: The stock, which once held a face value of 10 rupees, was split to 2 rupees on September 22, 2017.
  3. Recent Investments: The investment world buzzed with news last month when SBI Life Insurance marked its trust in Safari, investing in 2.05 lakh shares, culminating in an investment around 77.38 crore rupees.

All About Safari Industries: Safari Industries doesn’t just produce bags; it creates travel companions. With its specialization in trolley and travel bags, its business encompasses both manufacturing and trading luggage accessories. Holding proficiency in hard and soft luggage varieties, its diverse product range includes everything from backpacks and school bags to chic fashion bags for girls and essential travel accessories.

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In the financial realm, while past performance is not indicative of future results, the trajectory of Safari Industries has certainly been one for the record books.

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