Yamaha RX135
Yamaha RX135

Yamaha RX135 Could Put an End to Bajaj Pulsar’s Glory with Its Powerful Engine and Stunning Features

In the past, people were crazy about Yamaha’s popular bikes, Yamaha RX100 and Yamaha RX135. Although production of these bikes has been discontinued for quite some time now, they still hold a special place in the hearts of many. Soon, the company may reintroduce one of these bikes in the market, with significant changes and upgrades.

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If the company chooses to launch the Yamaha RX135, you can expect to see some exciting modifications. The bike will feature a powerful engine with advanced technology. Yamaha is likely to present a 135CC engine that provides outstanding performance. Additionally, the bike may offer impressive fuel efficiency, making it even more appealing to consumers.

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The Yamaha RX135 is expected to come equipped with numerous fantastic features. These may include a fuel tank with a unique design resembling tire-tracks, a flat-type seat, large handlebars, a round headlamp unit, chrome fenders, an upswept exhaust system, a retro-style tail lamp, and a modern semi-digital instrument cluster.

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While the exact price of the Yamaha RX135 is still unknown, it is expected to be unveiled soon. The bike may hit the market by 2025. Once launched, Yamaha enthusiasts will be eager to discover the bike’s price and availability. Keep an eye out for further updates from Yamaha regarding this exciting new addition to their lineup.

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And, Yamaha is poised to make a comeback in the market with the potential release of the Yamaha RX135. With its powerful engine, remarkable features, and a touch of nostalgia, this bike could pose a serious challenge to the Bajaj Pulsar’s popularity. Stay tuned for more information as Yamaha unveils their plans for the future.

Yamaha RX135
Yamaha RX135


– Yamaha is rumored to be introducing a new entry-level bike, possibly the Yamaha RX135, to compete with the Bajaj Pulsar.
– The Yamaha RX135 was popular in the past but production has been discontinued. Many people still own and cherish this bike.
– The new bike is expected to come with significant changes and updates.
– The engine details for the Yamaha RX135 have not been disclosed yet, but it is expected to have a powerful engine and good mileage.
– The Yamaha RX135 is rumored to come with new features such as a fuel tank with a unique design, flat-type seat, large handlebars, round headlamp unit, chrome fender, upgraded exhaust system, classic-looking tail lamp, and a semi-digital instrument cluster.
– The price of the Yamaha RX135 has not been revealed yet, but it is expected to be available in the market by 2025.