Automaker LML has recently purchased land in Haryana, India, to manufacture its new electric bike. The company shared this information on social media platforms, generating a buzz among potential buyers. The new electric bike is expected to be launched in the market soon, and customers are eagerly waiting to see its features and pricing.

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The land purchased by LML is located on the main road between Gurgaon and Alwar, just 65 minutes away from Rajiv Chowk in Delhi. The company is currently discussing plans and strategies for manufacturing the electric bike on this property. It is anticipated that the bike will receive high demand and generate impressive sales once it hits the market.

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This launch of LML’s electric bike is expected to intensify competition among other automakers such as Ola, Hero, Uber, and Ather. Analyzing customer demand will be interesting, as India is known for its significant market for two-wheelers. With its new electric bike, LML is positioning itself to make a significant impact in the industry.

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The rise of electric bikes and scooters in India can be attributed to the increasing popularity and preference for eco-friendly and cost-effective transportation solutions. Electric vehicles not only contribute to reducing pollution but also offer a more affordable and efficient commuting option.

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Overall, the launch of LML’s electric bike in the near future is expected to bring exciting features and competitive pricing, catering to the growing demand for eco-friendly vehicles in the Indian market. It will be interesting to see how automakers adapt to this trend and compete for customer attention and loyalty.

LML Scooter
LML Scooter


– Indian automaker LML is planning to launch an electric bike in the market soon.
– The company has purchased land in Haryana to manufacture the new LML bike.
– The bike is generating a lot of buzz among customers and is expected to have strong sales.
– The launch of this electric bike will increase competition among companies like OLA, Hero, Uber, and Ether.
– It is yet to be seen which electric vehicle is in highest demand among customers.
– LML aims to establish itself as a leader in India’s two-wheeler market.
– The article also mentions other news unrelated to the topic, such as reduced prices of gas cylinders and upcoming festivals.