Smart Airless Tire: A Game-Changer in the Automotive Industry: Smart Airless Tire is an innovative technology developed by the company Smart. This revolutionary tire is made using shape memory alloy radial technology. The company has recently developed this special airless tire by taking inspiration from the NASA’s Mars Rover tire technology.

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One of the major concerns while driving any vehicle is the fear of a tire puncture. To address this issue, Smart has come up with the Smart Airless Tire. Let’s explore how this tire is manufactured and how it works.

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A few years ago, Smart collaborated with NASA to develop this tire, which is resistant to damage due to its coil spring structure. The company claims that the lunar terrain concept, used by Apollo astronauts, has been incorporated into this new tire. Made from metal, this tire is extremely durable and puncture-proof.

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The Smart Airless Tire is built using a silky spring that is made of titanium alloy known as nitinol. Titanium is a highly flexible metal, which makes it an ideal choice for this tire. The use of nitinol ensures the tire’s strength and flexibility, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of road conditions.

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The Smart Airless Tire technology is a game-changer in the automotive industry, as it eliminates the need for regular air-filled tires. This not only reduces the risk of punctures but also provides a smoother and more comfortable ride for the driver and passengers.

And in the last, the Smart Airless Tire is a revolutionary technology that brings numerous benefits to the automotive industry. With its puncture-proof design and durable construction, this tire ensures a safe and comfortable journey for drivers. As technology continues to advance, we can expect more innovative solutions like the Smart Airless Tire to revolutionize the way we travel.


The article discusses the development of a special airless tire by Smart, called the Smart Airless Tire Smart. The tire was developed by taking inspiration from the technology used in NASA’s rover tires. It is made with a shape memory alloy radial technology, which ensures that the tire does not get punctured. The tire is built using a coil spring structure made of titanium, also known as nitinol, which makes it resilient and puncture-resistant. The article explains how the tire works and highlights its benefits of never getting punctured while driving.