Continuo Galactic
Continuo Galactic

Tata has launched the Continuo Galactic, a new magnesium bicycle, in a world where everything is becoming modern. The Tata Strider is India’s first magnesium bicycle, which is very different from aluminum bicycles. Magnesium is durable, strong, and lightweight, making it a game-changer in the world of cycling. The weight of magnesium bicycles is 33% less than aluminum-framed bicycles and 50% less than titanium-framed bicycles.

Additionally, it can absorb shocks while riding on rough roads. The Strider has launched the Continuo Galactic 27.5T, a magnesium bicycle series that includes eight different types of bicycles including mountain bikes, BMX bikes, and high-performance city bikes specially designed for urban areas. The Tata Strider Galactic 27.5 is available at a starting price of Rs. 27,500, and it features dual disc brakes, front and rear derailleurs for smooth shifting, front suspension, lock/unlock technology, and 21-speed options for different road conditions.

In addition to physical stores, the bicycles can be purchased online on Tata’s official website and e-commerce platforms. Along with these bicycles, Tata Strider also sells electric bicycles in India, including models like Strider Zeta, Strider Max, and Strider Voltic. These electric bicycles range in price from Rs. 26,995 and have a range of 30 to 35 kilometers on a full charge.

Continuo Galactic
Continuo Galactic

They feature disc brakes, an electric motor, suspension, and a display but are aluminum-framed. If you are looking for a bicycle or want to get rid of short-distance travel in cars, you can consider buying these bicycles. More information can be obtained from Tata Strider showrooms.

Summery :

– Tata has launched the Strider Galactic 27.5T, India’s first magnesium bicycle.
– The magnesium frame of the bicycle makes it lighter than aluminum or titanium frames.
– The weight of the bicycle is 33% less than aluminum frames and 50% less than titanium frames.
– The bicycle comes with dual disc brakes, front and rear derailleurs for smooth shifting, front suspension, lock/unlock technology, and 21-speed options.
– The starting price of the Tata Strider Galactic 27.5T is Rs. 27,500.
– Tata also offers electric bicycles under the Strider brand, with prices starting from Rs. 26,995.
– The electric bicycles have a range of 30 to 35 km and come with features like disc brakes, electric motors, suspension, and displays.
– These bicycles are suitable for short distances and can be purchased from Tata showrooms.

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