The Hero Splendor Plus has been one of India’s iconic motorcycles, revered for its unmatched combination of style, performance, and efficiency. If you’ve been eyeing this bike but found the price tag somewhat challenging, here’s a golden opportunity. A barely used, 9-month-old Hero Splendor Plus Self, is up for grabs at an astonishingly affordable price of ₹24,296. Want to know how to get your hands on it? Read on.

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Making the Purchase: Simple and Online

Gone are the days when you had to hop from one showroom to another or rely on local classifieds to find a suitable second-hand bike deal. With the advent of online portals, purchasing a bike has become more convenient than ever. To purchase this Hero Splendor Plus Self:

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  1. Start by Visiting The deal is available on this trusted online portal that has a reputation for offering some of the best second-hand bike deals.
  2. Login and Reach Out: After logging in using your personal details, you can directly contact the seller. Remember, while the listed price is ₹24,296, you have the liberty to negotiate and possibly strike an even better deal.

Key Points to Consider

  • Resale Value: An interesting aspect of this deal is the bike’s robust resale value. Even after using it for 2 years, you could potentially sell the bike at the same price you purchased it, given that the condition remains good.
  • Registration Details: This Hero Splendor Plus Self is registered with the Faridabad RTO. Authenticity in second-hand deals is paramount, so always ensure you verify these details.
  • Paperwork and Verification: Before parting with your money, take the time to thoroughly check the bike’s papers. Gather comprehensive information from the seller and, if necessary, seek expert advice to ensure everything is in order.

Exploring Other Deals

If, for some reason, the aforementioned bike doesn’t resonate with you, worry not. There are plenty of fish in the sea—or in this case, bikes in the market. Websites like,, and are teeming with options for second-hand Hero Splendor Plus Alloy bikes.

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Tips for Exploring:

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  • Filtering is Your Friend: Use filters based on your budget or other preferences to narrow down your search.
  • Detailed Viewing: Many portals offer 360-degree views of the bikes. Utilize this feature to inspect the bike from all angles before making a decision.
  • Added Benefits: Some sites, like, provide additional benefits. They offer a money-back guarantee and a one-year warranty on motorcycle purchases, further ensuring the trustworthiness of your purchase.

The digital age has indeed simplified the bike-buying process, making it hassle-free and transparent. Whether you’re setting sights on the Hero Splendor Plus Self for ₹24,296 or exploring other options, always remember to be vigilant, verify details, and enjoy the ride—both the purchasing journey and the journeys on your new bike!

Hero Splendor Plus
Hero Splendor Plus


– The Hero Splendor Plus Self bike can be purchased for Rs 24,296.
– To purchase the bike, one must visit the online portal
– Login with personal details and contact the seller for negotiation on price.
– The bike can be sold at the same price even after using it for 2 years.
– The bike is registered with the Faridabad RTO.
– It is advised to check the bike’s papers and gather complete information from the seller before making the payment.
– For purchasing a second-hand Hero Splendor Plus Alloy bike, one can visit online portals like,, or
– Filter the search based on budget and view the bike from all angles before making the purchase.
– offers a money-back guarantee and a one-year warranty on motorcycle purchases.