Bajaj Discover
Bajaj Discover

– Bajaj Discover Bikes launched in 2013 but was discontinued.
– The bike had good mileage and was visually appealing.
– The company no longer manufactures this model, but it can still be purchased.
– Two color variants of the bike are available – Drum Variant and Disc Variant.
– The Drum Variant is priced at ₹43,000 and the Disc Variant is priced at ₹49,000.
– Both variants are available in Delhi.
– As for used bikes, a 2014 model of the bike is available for ₹26,000 with a mileage of 30,603 km.
– A second-hand 2013 model is available for ₹26,500 with a mileage of 18,000 km.
– Both bikes are in good condition and can be purchased in Delhi.
– The bikes offer great features and a powerful engine at an affordable price of ₹20,000.

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