Honor recently made a global appearance at the IFA congress in Berlin, where it showcased the Magic V2 and unveiled the V Purse concept, an advanced outward foldable device designed for the fashion-conscious. This move highlights Honor’s commitment to not only innovating in the technology space but also merging fashion with technology.

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V Purse Concept

Global Launch of Magic V2 and Introduction of V Purse Concept: Honor used the platform of the IFA congress in Berlin to make its Magic V2 available globally and to showcase the V Purse concept. The latter is an advanced outward foldable device specifically tailored towards fashion-conscious consumers.

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Concept Device: It’s important to note that the Honor V Purse is currently just a concept device, which means it may never actually make it to retail shelves. Concept devices are often created by companies to showcase their innovative capabilities and to gauge market interest.

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Phy-Digital Fashion Statement: Honor describes the V Purse design as a “phy-digital fashion statement,” which means it combines physical designs (such as the straps) with interactive, always-on display styles. This innovative approach merges the world of fashion with technology, allowing users to make a statement with their device.

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Size Comparison with Mate Xs 2: Interestingly, while the Mate Xs 2 has a thickness of around 11.1mm, the Honor V Purse is just 9mm thick, which is a substantial improvement. This makes the V Purse more sleek and portable, adding to its appeal as a fashion accessory.

V Purse Concept
V Purse Concept

The Honor V Purse concept showcases the innovative direction that Honor is taking by merging technology with fashion. While it remains a concept device and may never be commercially available, it serves as a testament to Honor’s innovative capabilities and its commitment to creating products that resonate with fashion-conscious consumers. As technology continues to evolve and become an integral part of our daily lives, it is exciting to see companies like Honor thinking outside the box and creating products that are not only functional but also fashionable.