IOS 17 New Feature: New IPhone Features Will Come Soon, Check Details


– Apple is set to release the new operating system iOS 17 with several new features.
– One of the key features of iOS 17 is link tracking protection, which helps prevent websites and apps from tracking users’ information.
– The Name Drop feature allows users to securely share their details with others.
– iOS 17 introduces the Live Voicemail feature, which displays a transcription of voicemail messages on the screen.
– Apple ID users will be given a passkey in iOS 17, allowing them to sign in to services without the need for a password.

Good news for iPhone users! The operating system iOS 17 is set to come with many new and latest features. Apple may announce it at their event on September 12, 2023. Users can expect to receive several benefits from this updated iPhone software, which could be game-changing for their security and privacy. Let’s discuss some unique features of iOS 17.

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Link Tracking Security: According to Forbes, a standout feature of iOS 17 is Link Tracking Protection. It is an Apple app tracking transparency feature that helps prevent tracking on websites and apps. Link Tracking Security prevents websites from adding additional information to their URLs for marketing purposes. In iOS 17, it easily removes tracking URLs from links sent through messages, emails, and Safari.

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Name Drop: If you want to share your details securely with someone, iOS 17’s Name Drop feature gives you permission to do so. It functions similar to Apple AirDrop, providing secure encrypted connections.

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Live Voicemail: iOS 17 introduces the Live Voicemail feature, which allows users to see a transcription of voicemails left on their screen, identifying who is calling through the transcription. This feature also gives permission to make a call when receiving a voicemail.

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Passkeys: In iOS 17, Apple will provide Passkeys to any user with an Apple ID. This means that when you want to sign in anywhere using your Apple ID, you can use the new certification process. iOS 16 announced Passkeys, which allows secure sign-in to services without the need for a password.

iOS 17 is expected to be launched at the Apple event along with the next-generation iPhones. It may be available by September 15. Currently, iOS 16.6 is the latest operating system version. It is also expected that Apple will release the iOS 16 update to cover any security vulnerabilities. The upcoming iOS 17 operating system includes improvements in Apple’s super-secure Lockdown Mode and several communication safety enhancements for children and vulnerable adults.

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