Apple's Next Generation IPad Pro Can Get Bigger Display, New Chip


– Apple is set to launch the next generation iPad Pro with a larger display and new chipsets. The device will be available in two sizes, starting with an 11-inch display.
– The larger iPad Pro is expected to feature a slightly bigger 13-inch display compared to the current 12.9-inch screen.
– The upcoming iPad Pro model may come with an upgraded M3 SoC.
– Apple is preparing to release these devices in 2024, and they may feature OLED display panels instead of the current LCD panels. OLED displays offer brighter colors and deeper blacks.
– One of the main reasons for the upgrade is to support sales since the global shipment of PCs and tablets has been declining. Furthermore, customers may be confused between choosing a MacBook Air or an iPad Pro, considering the significant price difference.

Apple, one of the leading technology giants, is set to launch the next-generation iPad Pro with a larger display. The device will come with new chipsets and will be available in two sizes. The iPad Pro will start with an 11-inch size, and instead of the existing 12.9-inch screen, the larger variant will feature a slightly bigger 13-inch display. According to analysts and Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the upgraded M3 SoC could be included in the new Pro tablet.

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Reports suggest that Apple is preparing to unveil these devices in early 2024. The upcoming iPad Pro models are expected to feature OLED display panels instead of the current LCD panels. OLED displays showcase vibrant colors and deep blacks while also helping to conserve battery life. The reason behind these major upgrades is to support sales, as Apple has been facing a decline in shipments of both PCs and tablets globally. Additionally, customers may find it challenging to choose between the Mac and iPad Pro, even though there are clear differences between the two devices.

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The price difference between the two iPad Pro models is also significant, with the 11-inch variant starting at INR 81,900 and the 12.9-inch variant starting at INR 1,12,900. Despite its powerful chipset, the MacBook Air may offer more versatility compared to the iPad Pro.

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