Google Starts Audio Sharing Feature For IOS Users While Google Meet Screen Sharing

Google has recently introduced a new audio sharing feature for iOS users, allowing them to share their device’s audio during video calls on Google Meet. This feature brings an enhanced and immersive experience to users, making virtual meetings more engaging and interactive.

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With this update, iOS users can now share music, videos, or any other audio content directly from their device with other participants on a Google Meet call. This feature is especially useful for businesses or educational institutions, where sharing audio files or multimedia content is essential for efficient collaboration.

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To utilize this feature, iOS users need to update their Google Meet app to the latest version and join a meeting. Once in the call, they can tap on the ‘More’ icon at the bottom right corner of the screen and select the ‘Share Audio’ option. This will allow the participants to listen to the shared audio without any interruptions, ensuring a seamless audio experience.

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In addition to the audio sharing feature, Google has also introduced the screen sharing functionality for Google Meet on iOS. Users can now share their device’s screen with participants during video calls, enabling them to showcase presentations, documents, or any other visual content.

To use screen sharing, iOS users need to follow a similar process as the audio sharing feature. By tapping on the ‘More’ icon, they can choose the ‘Share Screen’ option and select the content they want to share. This feature proves particularly beneficial in educational settings, as it enables teachers to provide live demonstrations or walk-throughs of various subjects.

Both of these features significantly enhance the user experience on Google Meet for iOS users, providing them with additional tools to collaborate effectively. Google continues to prioritize user needs and constantly introduces updates to its platforms, ensuring a seamless and efficient virtual communication experience for all its users. Whether it’s sharing audio or screen content, iOS users can now enjoy a more interactive and engaging experience on Google Meet.