S1 Air Clocks 3,000 Bookings Within Hours After Ola Opens Purchase Window

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In a surprising turn of events, Ola Electric’s much-anticipated S1 electric scooter witnessed an overwhelming response as it received a staggering 3,000 bookings within just a few hours of the purchase window opening. The S1 is the company’s first electric vehicle offering and has garnered immense attention from the public since its unveiling.

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Ola Electric, the electric vehicle subsidiary of the ride-hailing giant Ola, had been teasing the launch of its electric scooter for months, creating a buzz in the market. The company finally opened the purchase window on September 15th, and it seems customers wasted no time in placing their orders.

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The S1 electric scooter comes with a price tag starting at ₹99,999 ($1,349) and boasts several exciting features. It offers a range of up to 121 kilometers on a single charge, making it ideal for daily commutes. The scooter is equipped with a substantial 7.2kWh battery, allowing for a top speed of 90 kilometers per hour.

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Customers have shown a keen interest in the scooter’s modern design and advanced features, such as smart connectivity options. The scooter comes with a touchscreen instrument cluster, built-in speakers, and cloud connectivity, providing riders with a seamless and enhanced experience. Furthermore, Ola Electric offers home delivery and easy financing options for interested buyers, making the purchasing process even more convenient.

The overwhelming response to the S1 electric scooter bodes well for Ola Electric and the electric vehicle industry as a whole. It showcases the growing demand for electric vehicles and the willingness of consumers to embrace sustainable transportation solutions. The rapid surge in bookings highlights the public’s eagerness for eco-friendly mobility alternatives and their confidence in Ola Electric as a leading player in the sector.

Ola Electric intends to deliver the first batch of scooters to customers in October, with more deliveries scheduled in the coming months. With the record-breaking number of bookings, it is clear that the S1 electric scooter has struck a chord with customers, and Ola Electric’s future in the electric vehicle market looks promising.